Another disappointing result against Elgin City at Borough Briggs last weekend has understandably given rise to frustration and indeed an element of anger being posted on social media, as our run of poor results continues to lengthen. No one at the Club denies an individual’s right to do so, however, what is unacceptable is personal abuse and I would respectfully ask the very small minority of those who participate in such behaviour to simply consider the impact this has, not just on those being targeted, but their families.

What is most certainly acceptable is constructive criticism and I would encourage everyone with the Club’s best interests at heart to take the opportunity to attend the “Meet the Fans” session being held by the Club Board to allow for a two-way exchange of views. There will be no whitewash and questions cannot and will not be cherry-picked, given the live nature of the event.

Whilst there is much more, of a more positive nature, to be addressed, now is not the time. The remainder of my article is handed over to John Daly, Director Supporter Liaison. It goes without saying that the Club Board fully endorse his comments.



Thank you to the Chairman for allowing me some space in his programme column.

A comment in my Bulletin of last week has clearly caused some angst. I’m speaking of the comment where I urged people to “step out from behind your keyboard” and participate in the forthcoming “Meet the Fans” session.

That comment was aimed at those who ONLY make their feelings known on social media and wasn’t meant as a dig at all of our fans. And the objective was to encourage these fans to engage with us. Sometimes posting on social media is like shouting in an echo chamber – and can be as fruitful.

We really do want as many people as possible to come to the upcoming session. Ask your questions. Tell us where we’re going wrong and what we should be doing better or differently.

We will absolutely not agree with everything that will be asked or said – but we will absolutely listen and answer.

And that way there can be a two-way dialogue and fans can enter into a conversation with the Board. For one thing is for sure – we will not debate the issues on social media platforms.

One criticism that has been levelled at these types of events is that it’s always the same people asking the same questions. Well, the people who can fix that are the new people asking new questions.

Once again, I urge you to engage, converse, challenge and debate. Please come along to the Meet the Fans session.

In another turn of events, we have been informed that a Stirling Albion supporter was evicted from Borough Briggs on Saturday for alleged malicious damage to Elgin City FC property. We are concerned by this report and are actively following up.

John Daly, Director Supporter Liaison