We are very conscious of supporters’ concern and frustration at the league position we find ourselves in and wish to provide the assurance that everyone at the Club is united in working together to do everything in our power to deliver the desired outcomes, on the pitch, to ensure we can look up and not down.

The latest injury blow in respect of Ray Grant doesn’t help and added to that we have today been hit with a couple of Covid-related absences for the week ahead. Fortunately, neither of them has any wider implications for the rest of the squad.

We are equally conscious that actions speak far louder than words and would ask everyone to get behind the players on matchdays and give them the encouragement and support to deliver.

Finally, we have decided that the “Meet the Fans” session on Wednesday 9 March will be extended to include the Manager to provide the opportunity for fans to pose questions to him, in addition to the Club Board.

Darren Young & Club Board