Programme notes for Saturday’s game against Brechin City

I extend a warm welcome to Forthbank Stadium to the Directors, management, players and the travelling supporters of Brechin City. No one envies the pressures currently facing the Glebe Park side and I wish them all the very best for the remainder of the season… starting a week today!

In all seriousness, we are all aware of the peril of 10th spot in SPFL2 and the mountain to climb to return to the SPFL in the event of losing the end of season play off final; especially taking account of the Clubs in the Highland and Lowland Leagues that, given the calibre of player they are attracting, are undoubtedly extremely well backed financially.

Taking the above into account the Club Board’s sole priority, outside of our wider commitment to engaging with our community, is focused on supporting Kevin deliver on the pitch; inevitably this is centred around money, which in turn is driven by our commercial activity! It cannot be underestimated the incredible level of unseen work that is undertaken by Colin Rowley and his team, ranging from major sponsorship to selling 50/50s.

Aside from raising income through our commercial activity and community programmes, the other key route to “making money” is by not spending it in the first place! This is principally achieved by getting match day roles covered by volunteers – if you feel you may be able to assist in any way, you know where we are; please get in touch!

Sales pitch over! Time to look back in time to 4:48 p.m. last Saturday, the moment Josh Peters signalled his return to duty with a deft flick that turned one point into three. Whilst we rode our luck a bit during the second half, if you subscribe to the adage “luck evens itself out over the course of a season”, I’d venture to suggest that we’re still well in deficit, taking account of the five one goal losses that heralded the start to our league programme. when everything that could go wrong, did! I’m delighted for Kevin and the players who’ve worked their proverbial socks off to turn things around.

Finally, a word (or more precisely, two) for our travelling support last weekend – thank you! The Board, Kevin and the players understand and hugely appreciate the sacrifices required to get to and from Elgin, both in terms of time and finance. Everyone at the Club is determined to repay your commitment in the only meaningful way possible… winning games and climbing the league!

C’mon the Binos!

Stuart Brown