While bagging maximum points in our matches is still proving to be elusive, it’s heartening to see the levels of performance that the squad have been turning in under our “relatively” new Manager. To say that I wish them all the best would be an understatement.

It has been very disappointing to see the number of postponements of our matches recently – due to the state of the pitch. Each postponement brings its own downsides. Lack of playing time for the squad, loss of match income (from both Hospitality and Turnstile – we can’t provide the same Hospitality for an evening match, and we know that attendance will be reduced).
Add to this the concertina effect that will come into play at some point when we try to squeeze in the re-arranged matches. This will see a reduction in training time, a reduction in time available for player recuperation between matches and a lessened time available for injury treatment.  All in all it’s not a situation that the Club is happy with and one that we will have to try – along with partners – to rectify.

One of the Masters students at Stirling University that the Club is working with at the moment is looking to get information out to our fan base as part of his project research.

Matthew Rowe,  is surveying people involved in both Football and Rugby Union about the use of Video Technology within the game. He is keen to get some football supporters opinions of VAR. If you could take a few minutes to complete this survey to help his research that would be greatly appreciated!
Please note you need to be over 18 years old to participate:   https://stirling.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/investigating-perceptions-of-video-technology-within-sport

Keen to see as many fans at Elgin as possible, the Club have reached out and offered financial support for Supporters’ Club Bus hire for Saturday.

We’ve already seen the negative comments on Social Media “They never listen anyway”…”The Board do nothing”….etc.  – but that won’t stop us from trying.
We have arranged an “In Person” session for the Board to Meet The Fans. Details have already been published elsewhere on this website, but I’m reproducing them here anyway.

In order to provide people with an honest and informed response, we are particularly keen to meet supporters who have concerns about anything directly related to the Club but please be assured, the invitation is open to everyone who has the Club’s best interests at heart.

We would encourage those wishing to attend to submit their question(s) in advance, to ensure we can be as prepared as possible to provide a comprehensive response, but this is optional.

Please email office@stirlingalbionfc.co.uk  and include your name, a contact number and if appropriate your question(s).

Applications to attend close @ 5:00 p.m. Sunday 6 March.

We look forward to meeting you!

So, if you can step out from behind your keyboard and hear what we have to say and ask what you want to ask, please come along.

John Daly

Director – Supporters Liaison