The Club Board is delighted to announce the full-time appointment of Niall Marshall to this new and exciting position from the start of October.  The planning for this role has been in the making for some considerable time but the implementation has been inevitably delayed by the restrictions imposed on us by the continuing pandemic. With a sense of a semblance of normality returning and group activity getting back on track, the time is now right.

As many will be aware, Niall is already in post as Head of our Youth Development and as the job title suggests, he will continue to occupy that position, moving forward. However, the primary objective of his appointment, is to take Stirling Albion’s engagement with its community to new (and sustainable) heights. This is best described by Niall’s own words that follow this introduction.

In addition to his community and youth development roles, Niall will also take on board elements of the operational day-to-day running of the Club in support of the Club Board.

I’ve no doubt that Niall will transform our community engagement in the same way as his energy, enthusiasm and commitment has transformed our Youth Development since his appointment less than two years ago and despite the horrendous limitations imposed on him by Covid protocols.

Niall (pictured!) will quickly become a well-known face in and around Forthbank and I’ve no doubt you will join with me in wishing him every success moving forward.

Contact details for Niall will be communicated when he takes up post and I’d encourage you to get in touch with him about anything and everything relevant to Stirling Albion but most particularly if you have any suggestions/comment to make regarding community engagement.

Niall said:

“Having spent twenty-two months in my role as Head of Youth Development here at Stirling Albion F.C. I am a relatively new member of The Binos family.  From the day of my interview though I was already impressed by the potential of this great club! 

My coaching journey began in June 2000 and I have spent the past two decades working at numerous football clubs on both sides of the Atlantic. This has provided me the opportunity to observe how different clubs from different football cultures operate.  This has included seeing different styles of playing, coaching, engaging with fanbase and running of the business.

Over the years I have supplemented my coaching roles with work in the world of sports development, managing and delivering community sports programmes, coach education and recruitment.  I have focused a lot of my working life on increasing participation in sport and using sport (especially football) to raise aspirations.

I am incredibly passionate about football and firmly believe in the importance the game and a club can play in an individual’s life.  In addition to the obvious physical and mental wellbeing sport brings – the sense of belonging, community and companionship that comes with playing and watching the game is enormous.  Stirling Albion is already so important to so many, from those who play for the club, support the club, work for the club or volunteer for the club.

Stirling is a spectacular city steeped in history and surrounded in stunning countryside.  The city is vibrant and full of talent and business.  The Binos are already doing great work with huge participation levels seen through the Junior Academy and a Community Department delivering camps and schools programmes around the greater Stirlingshire area.  I have also been delighted to see several of our elite players in the Youth Academy representing the first team.

I now want to help take all of these projects to the next level.

We can make Stirling Albion the hub for all activity in the city.  On the football side we plan to provide football for everyone regardless of gender, ability, age or ethnicity. However way beyond kicking a ball I want to see the club engage our supporters and the wider community with projects that support and promote healthier living, education and leisure time.  Whether it’s support with diet and nutrition, weight loss, dealing with addiction, improving literacy, numeracy or learning a new language, or simply finding companionship and friendship at a club where people have a shared interest, the sky is the limit with what we can achieve.

This club is fantastic, and we have the talent both within Stirling Albion F.C. and the city as a whole to put Forthbank at the heart of every community project in this city (and beyond).  My ambition is to cement this club as the best part-time football club in the country both on and off the field and I hope the skills set, background and work ethic that I bring to this exciting new role will help us get there.  But we will need all of your help!  Together lets #backthebinos and ensure Stirling Albion F.C put as much into the community as we get back from you all. 

I look forward to working with you all. 

Niall Marshall

SAFC Community, Youth and Operations Manager

All the best, Niall!


Stuart Brown

Chairman (on behalf of the Club Board)