Let me start with the traditional warm welcome to everyone representing Stranraer FC, in particular their supporters who have undertaken the long journey north.

I said it in my last programme notes and I’ll say it again… what a difference a week makes! Let’s not mince words, Saturday’s performance versus Annan fell way short of expectation and on Tuesday evening, we contributed to our own downfall against Albion Rovers through ill-discipline. No one is making any excuses, least of all Darren and the players.

Turning to the more troubling matter, as highlighted in Colin Rowley’s personal statement of Tuesday this week, I feel I should convey my own thoughts, within the context of the potentially far-reaching consequences for the future of your club.

The Trust AGM on Sunday 27th has two Resolutions presented to the membership that, if successfully voted through, will have major consequences for Stirling Albion Football Club, including ending my personal engagement with the Club that I have supported since the late 1950s.

However, no one person is bigger than the Club and I would expect the Trust Board, as representatives of the majority shareholder, to have a robust and sustainable plan ready to slot into place with immediate effect.

I am enormously proud to serve the Club and you, our supporters, as Chairman since 2014. Everything I have done since being appointed to the Board in 2010 has, without exception, been done in what I have believed to be in the best interest of Stirling Albion. Have I made mistakes? Darn right I have, however I’ve always been willing to admit to them and learn from the experience.

It’s incredibly sad for everyone that some of this has had to be carried out in the public domain, and I fervently hope that the consequences do not impact negatively on the Club.

I operate an open-door policy when it comes to my own interactions with you all. I believe the ability for all fans to engage with club representatives is relatively unique at our club, and I remain committed to that openness.

For those who would wish to talk to me, particularly those who have preconceptions based on what they have read rather than from any discussions with me, I’d respectfully urge you to allow me the opportunity of a right to reply, given the impact on my family when comments drift over the line of constructive criticism into the realm of personal attacks.

I had planned to deliver on my personal timeline in respect of my “exit strategy” as a long-standing promise to my family and in particular to spend more time with my four grandsons but whatever the outcome on Sunday, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with in connection with all aspects of the Club’s business. Your support, friendship and advice over the years has been both welcome and invaluable.  

C’mon the Binos