I extend the usual warm welcome to the Directors, guests, Manager, Gavin Price, his backroom staff and players and Elgin’s travelling support.

Following on from a second consecutive, second place finish in our Premier Sports Cup Group having been “seeded” to finish fifth on both occasions, there’s no hiding from or denying the frustration and disappointment of last Saturday’s result in our opening SPFL match versus Dumbarton. The manner of the defeat was particularly galling, conceding the two goals within four minutes of the kick-off.  Whilst it may or may not have made any difference to the result, the sending-off didn’t help our cause. What isn’t in dispute is that our ill-discipline last season cost us dear and no one at the Club is in any doubt that a major improvement is required on that front.

We move on – there’s still 105 points left to play for and whilst the hurt of last Saturday’s defeat is incentive enough to “balance the books”, in addition Darren, his backroom staff and the players are acutely conscious that collectively they let our large travelling support down last weekend.

Away from playing matters, the timing of going to print with the programme means the outcome of Wednesday’s Shareholders’ Meeting isn’t known. However, whatever the outcome, it doesn’t alter one iota my wish to express my thanks to everyone behind the scenes for their support during my time as Chairman; my Board colleagues, our Community Engagement Manager and his Community Coaches, everyone involved with Youth Development and the Junior Academy, our Chaplain, Duncan Strathdee, our Child Welfare and Protection Officer, Jim McAllister, Jim Inglis and his Hospitality Team, our Commercial Team, including Donna Hanlon-Gray, our tireless Lead Commercial Administrator who does so much more than anyone can begin to imagine, and last, but most definitely not least, our match day volunteers who give their time willingly and with no wish for anything more than to give something back to their Club. Irrespective of what lies ahead for me personally, I will long cherish your contribution and the lifetime friendships forged through our mutual love for Stirling Albion. It would be remiss not to also record my thanks to our Supporter’s Club, in particular, Stef Torrance, Lynne and Jimmy Watson but indeed everyone who has stuck by the Club over the years.

The many friends I’ve made across Scotland through my involvement at Stirling Albion, and the mutual respect held, is something that no one can take away.

In closing, I make no apology for thanking my wife, Aileen for her unwavering love and support. She, more than anyone, has silently endured the challenges I’ve faced and never once questioned my motives (or my sanity!), solely because, throughout our 41 years of marriage, she knows how much Stirling Albion has meant to me since I was first lifted over the Annfield Turnstiles in the late 1950’s.


Chairman SAFC