Chairman Stuart Brown’s programme notes for Saturday’s game against Cove Rangers…

A very warm welcome to the Directors, management, players and supporters of Cove Rangers, who pay their first visit to Forthbank Stadium following their well-deserved promotion to the SPFL through the end of season play-offs.

The evidence is clear that they are a force to be reckoned with and is in direct contrast to our poor start to this season’s league campaign. Hopefully today’s match will be the first step towards the reversing of those fortunes.

I’m under no illusion, nor are my Club Board colleagues, that the opening three results are not good enough, particularly when set against our stated ambition of promotion and I’m also fully aware that whatever comment I make publicly will have every word twisted and turned and fired straight back by those who choose to do so!

With that in mind, suffice it to say that whilst there may be reasons for our defeats, there are no excuses coming from any quarter, least of all Kevin and the players.

After nine years of Fans Ownership, whilst considerable progress has been made off the pitch, little if any sustainable progress has been made on it. Some social media comment would suggest that sacking the (Club) Board and/or sacking the Manager is the answer. I make no apology for treating such “feedback” with the contempt it deserves.

Since I was appointed Chairman, five years ago, I have repeatedly made the offer for fans to contact me to provide constructive criticism and/or ask me questions. In those five years, a grand total of two fans have taken up the offer – which I repeat again (Tel No: 01786 450399, E-mail:  I look forward to hearing from you!

The Club Board are also planning a “Meet the Board” session soon and I would particularly encourage those with negative comment to make the effort to attend and put across their feedback/ask questions.  What I can promise to anyone who gets in touch, either as an individual or by attending the “Meet the Board” session, is a full, open and honest answer/response to questions and feedback.

For the record, my personal view – one shared by all the Club Board – on Fans Ownership is simple; it doesn’t work unless the owners contribute either financially or by volunteering, preferably both! The stark reality of Fans Ownership for Stirling Albion is that the Club has financially supported the Trust to the tune of circa £80k, towards the repayment of loans made at the time of purchase in 2010 and volunteers are extremely thin on the ground. I hasten to add, the appreciation of the Board to those that do volunteer is immeasurable.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going…

C’mon The Binos!

Stuart Brown