A great event was organized by Stirling Albion FC. The Stirling women showed their skills in an amazing “Just Play” session before the start of the Stirling Albion v Edinburgh City game. The girls competed and had loads of fun on a great day of football. The event took place in the pods outside Forthbank Stadium and kicked off at 1pm. Starting with the warm-up, the players showed great skills with the ball. The players were divided into age groups in Pod 1, we got the younger players who showed amazing skills and showed all the love and passion for the game and in Pod 2 we had a compelling 3v3. A lot of goals and a lot of well-played balls were seen on the football field. Off the pitch, there were plenty of smiles and laughter.

The award ceremony was a complete success. All players have been recognized with great prizes and great engagement in the post-game period. A raffle was set up where the official Stirling Albion FC bag was awarded as a prizeand it was eventually won by little Charlie.

After a short break during which the players drank a coffee or something hot, the group supported the wonderful game against Edinburgh City FC. It was a moment to take photos, stay together and watch as the Binos smashed the opponent with a explosive 5-0 win.

The day was a success in terms of love and passion for the Beautiful Game. Looking forward to more events and seeing the finest football thanks to these skillful players! Stay tuned!

Cmon the Binos!

By Giuseppe La Rezza