The playing squad, Coaching team and Club Board have all been heartened by the tremendous support and positivity shown by the fans in recent weeks.

We’re all keen to prolong this as much as we can – the players and Coaching staff by the performances on the pitch and bagging the points, and the Club Board by assisting the fans attend matches.

To this end, we have assisted the Supporters’ Club by covering the cost of hiring a bus for our next away match at Berwick on 23 October.

We hope we can take a healthy, noisy, but respectful host of fans with us when we make our trip across the border.

And, speaking of supporters, we remain in dialogue with the newly named 1945 Crew, in attempting to ensure that our group of young fans have a safe and bespoke area of the stand from which to project their own brand of encouragement to the players. More on this when we have it.

John Daly, Director – Supporters’ Liaison