The return of fans has added much needed atmosphere to gameday however it has also appreciably impacted on the volume of people live streaming matches from Forthbank.

We said from the start that livestreaming was going to remain under commercial review this year as we doubted whether it would retain its commercial viability after the return of fans to Forthbank and sadly for those fans a bit further away, this is exactly what has happened.

The revenue live streaming generates, coupled with increased costs and bureaucratic regulations to live stream means that, regretfully, we can no longer justify the continuation of the service. The final nail in the coffin was a request by the SFA that we geoblock live streaming in England in compliance with UEFA article 48 (meaning we use software to prevent anyone living in England from viewing our matches) – effectively a ban on live streaming between the hours we play our matches.

Therefore the livestream vs Albion Rovers on the 28th August 2021 will be our last for the foreseeable future. Sadly, we fully acknowledge that this impacts those who are furthest away from Stirling and this is not a decision taken lightly. In fact, we plan to mitigate this impact for them by filming the matches and placing them online in full in the future after the match has ended, although obviously there will be costs involved and we have not finalised our plans for this, but it’s definitely in the planning stages and we hope to revert to you soon with more details. Meantime, Ben McAdam’s phenomenal highlights package will still be available to all after the legally mandated delay after each game.

We would like to thank the small army of people who were involved in making our livestream happen every match including all of the camera people from the University of Stirling, Stuart Johnston of Streamscene, Stirling IT, the staff and volunteers behind the scenes at Stirling Albion and last but not least, our amazing Ben McAdam and his co-commentator, Liam Marshall.

Our Commercial Director, as mentioned in the programme notes, is happy to discuss the decision in more details with anyone affected. If you wish to drop him a message, please do so at

Colin Rowley

Commercial Director