We’re working hard behind the scenes to have protocols in place to welcome spectators back to the Home of The Binos.

Initially, whilst we’re still under Covid-19 Protection Levels, we will be limiting access to Season Ticket holders only.

There will still be social distancing requirements in place and seats will be marked with a green tick to indicate where people should sit. Obligatory mask-wearing will still be in place.

No refreshments will be available in the stadium.

The day out at the fitba’ will initially be different from “normal” but we’ll be operating within the rules, making the visit for you as safe as we can.

Season Tickets holders ONLY will be eligible to purchase tickets for our two Home Premier Sports Cup matches against Hearts and Peterhead – no visiting fans will be allowed.

Season Ticket holders ONLY will be allowed access to our first Home league match of the season against Kelty Hearts.

Entry to the ground will be different. Different gates will be employed and you will be asked to arrive earlier than normal at the stadium. This is to ensure that, as far as possible, social distancing can be maintained.

Details on ticketing and attendance requirements will follow in due course.

There will be a number of Matchday Volunteers on hand to help you through the process. A first meeting of the group of people who responded to our appeal for volunteers was held earlier in the week via Zoom. We’re still looking for Matchday Volunteers to help make the experience of visiting Forthbank a smooth and enjoyable one for everyone. If you think you could help, please contact me at the email address below. Because we would rota attendance requirements, the more volunteers we have, the fewer the days that each individual would have to commit to.

Thanks to co-operation and agreement between the governing bodies and Sky and Premier Sports, SATV will be streaming these matches, so look out for details on how to buy in to that.

The National Clinical Director has said that – all things being equal and with the usual caveats – after 10 August all Covid-19 Protection Levels would disappear in Scotland and we would all return to “normal”. And that means we can fill Forthbank to capacity.

In other news, we really appreciate the support of sponsors and advertisers – those who stuck by us last season when their exposure was largely limited to the excellent streaming coverage provided by SATV, and new backers for the coming season too.

Please, where you can, consider giving the businesses that back The Binos your support.


If you have any questions, or suggestions (keep them clean), please drop me at note to jd@stirlingalbionfc.co.uk

John Daly

Director, Supporters’ Liaison