The introduction of VAR to the cinch Premiership will be voted on at the SPFL General Meeting on 19 April by all 42 SPFL Clubs.
Whilst the Club Board is in no doubt that this topic is of interest to Stirling Albion supporters and indeed every football supporter in Scotland, we do not consider this is something that clubs below the Championship should be in a position to have an impact on, other than to support the voting outcome of the Premiership and Championship clubs who in the short and medium term at least will be the only clubs affected.
In any event, as was communicated in the SPFL media release, the financial or technical detail has still to be finalised and communicated and therefore it would be highly inappropriate for any club (or indeed individual) to consider forming a final opinion, until this is made available to clubs in advance of the meeting taking place.
We trust the above explains why we haven’t “gone public” to seek the views of our fan base but as ever we are more than happy to discuss and anyone wishing to do so should email giving a contact number and someone will get back to you without delay.
SAFC Club Board