As we enter Quarter 2 of the League Season, our report card for Quarter 1 reads as an A minus – in other words, job well done but there’s always room for improvement! That shouldn’t be interpreted in any shape or form as a criticism of Kevin, his backroom staff or the players who, after back-to-back defeats against Annan Athletic and Kelty Hearts, have gone undefeated, scoring nine goals and conceding only two.  Just reward for this was Kevin’s Glen’s Vodka Manager of the Month Award for September, which he rightly acknowledged was on behalf of everyone at the Club – including the Supporters who have got right behind the team, both home and away.

On behalf of everyone at Stirling Albion, I extend a warm welcome to everyone representing this afternoon’s visitors, Stranraer. Whilst Red Zone restrictions for coaches, players and officials, including social distancing requirements, can be relaxed, in common with most Clubs in our League we have taken the decision to fully retain them in the interest of minimizing the potential for a Covid outbreak spreading. The only negative impact of this is that visiting clubs will continue to change underneath the East Stand with no access to showering facilities. Again, Stirling Albion is far from being alone in this respect but nevertheless, I apologise to Stranraer and subsequent visitors to Forthbank Stadium for as long as this restriction remains in place.

My Charity Hill Climb in support of the Gambinos was a great success with well in excess of £1500 being raised and Bill Gillespie has already started to send funds across to Gambia to provide for much needed food supplies to be bought. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. The Gambinos plight isn’t a short term one and moving forward, Stirling Albion will continue to do everything we can do to help.

As previously advised, Niall Marshall took up his full-time post at the Club on 1 October with his remit extending from Head of Youth Development to also taking responsibility for Community Engagement and a range of Operational duties.  The severe impact of Covid lockdown has resulted in a major re-building exercise, particularly for our community activities but I’ve no doubt, Niall’s input will quickly and successfully get us back up and running! If you want to discuss anything regarding our community involvement, please get in touch with Niall via the Community Email address…

Finally, a comment (or several!) on the growing number of young supporters attending matches at Forthbank. They are our future and are hugely welcome and appreciated.  The atmosphere they create is fantastic but (there’s always a but!) in common with everyone in attendance, they are subject to the same ground regulations and standards of behaviour as laid down in our advertised policies. John Daly, Supporters’ Liaison Director, has been leading on communications with 1945 Crew (their self-chosen brand name) and everyone at the Club will continue to work with them to maintain the right balance and to ensure we deliver on our stated aim of providing a safe and family-friendly environment throughout the Stadium.

C’mon The Binos!