With matches coming at us thick and fast and print deadlines ensuring any comment is out of date by the time it is read, aside from hoping you are reading this on the back of us picking up three points at Galabank, I’ve decided to steer clear of commenting on what is (or isn’t) happening on the pitch.

Instead, let me share with you an increasing feeling of frustration in respect of a number of topics:

Colts / B Teams entering SPFL2 next season

A topic extensively speculated on in the media over the past month or so, including self-appointed “experts” such as John Collins and Davie Provan pontificating on the matter, with one going as far as saying lower league clubs should be seen and not heard (or words to that effect).  All this despite, at the time of writing, there has been no communication of any description to clubs in the lower leagues from the SPFL.

End of Season Play Relegation Play Off – Club 42

With the Lowland and Highland Leagues not being in a position to return to playing, the question as to whether there would be a “Club 42” relegation play off, was asked by the 20 SPFL1 & 2 Clubs in order to inform our decision as to the number of matches to be played to conclude our own seasons. With no answer forthcoming from the SPFL, the outcome was that there was insufficient support for 18 games and thereby we were forced down the hugely challenging route of a 22-game compromise.

The latest position (as at Wednesday 7 April) is that the SFA has approved that the Lowland / Highland League Play Off Final matches proceed, yet farcically there is still no decision forthcoming from the SPFL as to whether or not there will be a “Club 42”… despite repeated requests from the Highland and Lowland League representatives.

PCR Testing

The Club has already spent in the region of £10k on testing, with circa the same again committed if testing remains a requirement until the end of the season. To date we have conducted nearly 150 tests with 150 negative results.  Whilst I accept this position could very quickly change, I can see no justification for PCR Testing not to be replaced by Lateral Flow Testing, which is quicker, dramatically cheaper and crucially, deemed to be good enough for NHS Staff and teachers.

In closing, I extend congratulations to Stranraer, in being the only SPFL2 Club to reach the last 16 of the Scottish Cup. However, success during the current fixture congestion, comes at price with this evening’s opponents facing game two of four in an eight-day period. A monumental task for a full-time club, let alone part time. I wish them every success in the Cup on Saturday versus Hibs but as far as tonight is concerned, the gloves are off!

C’mon The Binos!