Another edition of “Inside the Box” written in the dark in respect of results!  Since comprehensively outplaying Edinburgh City last Saturday by the time this “hits the streets” we will have played Queen’s Park at home and just about recovered from the long trip north to face Elgin City in the third of our four post-split matches that will determine whether or not we finish in a play-off spot.

It would be foolhardy in the extreme to make predictions as to our finishing position in the league, but it is fair to say it would be devastating not to make the play offs given our relatively strong position after the first match in the split.  As ever in football there are if and buts, the most obvious being if only Cammy Binnie hadn’t had a moment of madness in the home match versus Edinburgh City!  However, the performance in Saturday’s post-split “return” match was clear evidence that the squad weren’t going to let that setback affect them, as we continue our pursuit of promotion via the play-offs.

I continue to be frustrated by a couple of issues that I addressed in a previous article. Firstly the continuing lack of a formal decision as to whether or not there is to be “Club 42” relegation play-off matches versus the winner of the Highland / Lowland play-offs. Aside from it being incredulous that (as of Sunday 25 April) a decision hasn’t been reached, it is frankly embarrassing for Scottish Football.

My second gripe is the continuing requirement for PCR Testing in order to play. To date we have conducted circa 200 Tests at £65 plus VAT per test, with 100% testing negative. For Scottish Government to have not approved a move to Lateral Flow Testing by now is disappointing in the extreme, most particularly from a financial perspective but also from the considerable administration requirement on a weekly basis and with very similar results across the leagues, clear evidence that the risk is infinitesimal.

It has been a hard road to hoe since the return to playing with matches coming thick and fast, PCR Testing every Saturday evening, travel arrangements to away matches being complex and kit requiring washed at least twice a week and this current week four times!! Fortunately, the requirement this week is purple, red, purple, red or there might have needed to be a night shift put in at home!

Despite all the challenges, let’s hope we continue to have to tackle them for another fortnight!

C’mon the Binos!