The unbeaten league run continues thanks to a piece of Dylan Bikey genius and a superb header from Danny Scally to get us back on level terms last Saturday against league leaders, Kelty Hearts. No argument we were second best throughout the first half and following Joe Cardle’s opener, I feared the worst.  Oh me of little faith! An inspired double substitution brought an almost immediate response and from the moment Danny’s header hit the back of the net, we took on the mantle of being the better side for the remainder of the game.

We welcome near neighbour, Stenhousemuir to Forthbank this afternoon and I’ve no doubt they will provide tough opposition despite their current position in the league. We were perhaps fortunate to come away with all 3 points in our opening day encounter at Ochilview and nothing but the same application as last weekend will suffice if we want to repeat that outcome today.

It’s a recurring theme to make mention our supporters in my piece and today is no different! The atmosphere generated, both home and away, assisted by the newly christened Crew 1945 is an absolute pleasure to witness BUT (there’s always a but!) there’s a fine line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Stay on the right side of that line and no one can have any complaint. The Club fully acknowledges we have a major role to play in this and we are trialling some adjustments to the seating arrangements for this afternoon’s match, in respect of the location of visiting supporters, Crew 1945 and our community engagement invited primary school kids.

I understand the view that we should simply open up the away stand or a terracing to accommodate the differing groups of fans but there are a number of factors, including covid protocols and finance, that combine to determine we manage everyone in the West Stand when the total attendance is known to fall well short of its capacity.  The bottom line is that everyone attending Forthbank is bound by the same Ground Regulations and Codes of Conduct and the Club’s role, in association with the Safety Officer and Stewards, is to ensure these are implemented and adhered to, in order to best ensure the safety and enjoyment of all. That said (and a statement of fact not a “get out clause”), I accept we won’t please all of the people, all of the time and I would respectfully ask for a level of understanding, indeed tolerance, that this is the case. Please be assured that none of the above is intended to discourage the reporting of behaviour considered to be unacceptable and I give a personal assurance that such an event will be fully investigated and acted upon as deemed appropriate.

Sermon over, let’s all stick together and get right behind the team with as much energy, determination and effort as they are displaying on the pitch!

C’mon the Binos!