A warm welcome to everyone representing today’s visitors, Elgin City.

Following on from Saturday’s draw at Kelty Hearts, our remaining three matches will only serve to determine our final league placing. Undoubtedly a disappointing outcome to a season that promised so much after the first quarter and for the avoidance of doubt, one that I personally accept my full share of the blame for.  No excuses. Does that make my position untenable? That is for others to decide. All I would ask of those in that position, consider the wider implications for the Club, very carefully, before doing so. I say that not from a personal perspective but with the best interests of Stirling Albion FC at heart which, as those that know me well, will testify has been my sole consideration since I joined the Club Board in 2010.

I have my own personal “succession planning” firmly in mind and I will act on it when the time is right for Stirling Albion. That will be when the Club Board is satisfied that a suitable and sustainable “Plan B” is in place.

As has always been the case, I am more than willing to discuss the above. Usual initial contact can be made via email – office@stirlingalbionfc.co.uk – and I’ll get back to you without delay. Please, please, take up this offer; there is nothing more frustrating than people forming an opinion when they only have one side of the story!

C’mon the Binos!