It’s a difficult task penning my piece following a defeat in the previous game, so it stands to reason that it’s even more daunting when that stretches to two in a row. However my programme notes are not intended to be the vehicle to be conducting an inquest into what went wrong or indeed how to put it right.

Everyone has (and is entitled to) an opinion but few have all the facts to base that opinion on and it was disappointing that so few who chose to share an opinion on social media took the opportunity to get “inside information” by signing up for the “Meet the Manager / Board” Zoom Session. That said, I do appreciate that virtual meetings are not everyone’s cup of tea and I can only repeat what has been said on innumerous occasions in the past – myself, John Daly, Supporter’s Liaison Director and indeed the entire Club Board are always willing to engage with anyone who cares to get in touch, in the first instance, by email ( In addition, earlier this week, John has posted an article on the Club Website, on behalf of the Board, addressing some of the points raised by supporters on various social media forums.

Moving on, I extend the usual warm welcome to the Directors, management, players and supporters of today’s visitors, Edinburgh City. A positive result today would serve as the best possible tonic and preparation for next weekend’s Scottish Cup match versus Tranent Juniors and it goes without saying that is the sole focus of Kevin, his backroom staff and the players this afternoon.

Turning (yet, again!) to the matter of our new band of young supporters, the 1945 Crew, the disappointing behaviour of a few has been well documented and I don’t intend regurgitating it again here. Suffice it to say, we have another plan in place for their location and all that is required for it to be successful is an adherence by the Crew – and indeed everyone in attendance – to Ground Regulations and the Supporter’s Code of Conduct. Our over-arching objective is to ensure that Forthbank provides a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. Anyone who is proven not to share that objective will be dealt with appropriately.

Finally, Niall Marshall, our Community Engagement Manager (amongst other roles!) is also seeking to engage with all young supporters in a number of ways, outwith the time spent at a home match – look out for more information on this on the Club Website and our social media channels.

C’mon the Binos!