Whilst the home shirt options for next season have been put to Trust Members to vote on… Next Season’s Home Kit Vote – Stirling Albion Supporters Trust , I am acutely conscious that a high percentage of the potential sales will be to non-Trust members and from the Club’s perspective, whilst not entitled to a formal vote, their opinion is every bit as important and relevant. For that reason, I believe it appropriate that I communicate more widely the background as to how and why the options were selected.

Our major sponsor, Prudential is undergoing a re-branding exercise and the front of our shirts (home and away) will no longer carry the current brand logo. As at today’s date, the new brand logo is still “under wraps” but I have been assured that all will be revealed in the not-too-distant future.

Understandably, brand is hugely important to Prudential and having “tested” the new logo against a plain red background they have asked that if at all possible we “keep it simple” for this coming season. In other words, we avoid going down the route of blended colours or patterns.
Prudential have also requested that we change to the new branding on both sets of shirts and out of respect to our long-standing relationship, it goes without saying that the Club has agreed.

Unfortunately, Macron shirt sizing is not always compatible with our supporters’ requirements, with many of the styles stopping at 3XL. With historical sales data revealing a sizeable number of 4XL purchases and a few 5XL’s, we opted to select shirts that included the two larger sizes. (Macron sizing either goes up to 3XL or 5XL, there is no “up to 4XL” option).

Clearly changing both sets of shirts at the same time has the potential for cost implications for our supporters. I am working closely with our lead contact at Prudential to deliver a financial package that will allow the Club to maintain a much-required profit margin but at the same time deliver a real value for money outcome for those supporters who want to buy both the home and away shirts. The options selected come at a purchase price that will maximise the Club’s potential to deliver on this.

Away Shirt
The Club Board will select the Away Shirt for season 21/22 based on the outcome of the vote for the Home Shirt. Prudential have requested that we go with a dark colour, based on the new brand testing they have been able to conduct to date and again we are more than happy to comply. Looking further ahead, for both the Home and Away shirts, I am confident that any such limitations will be overcome.

I trust the above adequately reflects the unusual set of circumstances that led to the options selected for Trust Members to vote on and that our supporters will accept and understand the limitations thereby imposed. I do believe that once the new Prudential branding is added, along with the back of shirt sponsor(s), whichever option gets the most votes, it will look far better in “real life” than it does as a PDF!

As ever, I am happy to discuss this, or any matter pertaining to the Club, and can be contacted in the first instance via the Club email (office@stirlingalbionfc.co.uk). Just include a contact number, a convenient time to call and I’ll get back to you.

C’mon The Binos!
Stuart Brown