Inside the Box – Programme notes from Saturday’s game v Elgin City

A warm welcome to Elgin City’s Directors, Management, Players and most particularly supporters who have made the long journey south for this afternoon’s match.

Also, a huge welcome back to Dylan Nguene Bikey! I received a phone call from Dylan a few weeks ago when he told me he wanted to “return home to Stirling” and after a lot of hard work behind the scenes, Dylan’s wish has been granted! He’s contracted to Stirling Albion for the remainder of season 2019/20. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, Dylan hasn’t had a lot of football over the past 6 months or so and Kevin and Kenny Crichton are working hard to get him up to full fitness as quickly as possible. There’s no doubt his skill and pace haven’t deserted him!

Given the deadline for copy (Sunday evening), it’s impossible to get the content for “Inside the Box” bang up to date and for that reason, I am not able to provide feedback from Wednesday evening’s Meet the Manager/Meet the Board session. I can only hope that those that have posted their concerns on various social media forums, turned up to air their views in person and listen to the responses provided by Kevin and the Club Board.  Contrary to a minority but vociferous view, no one will be banned from Forthbank for being negative, no matter how unconstructively that negativity is expressed!!

I can report that as a direct consequence of my invitation to get in touch in my last “Inside the Box”, two supporters e-mailed and one telephoned. I replied without delay to both e-mails and spoke openly to the telephone caller.  The offer of getting in touch remains very much on the table.

Moving away from our on-field problems, I’m delighted to report that the “Chairman’s Charity Climb” of Dumyat was a huge success in raising funds for The Gambinos. Thanks to my family (aged one to sixty seven!) and others who participated and also to everyone who contributed to raising over £1300. Bill “Mr Gambinos” Gillespie has advised that every penny will go towards helping The Gambinos Academy grow and progress.

I’ll close with an understatement of monumental proportion; no one is happy about how the season has started and everyone at the Club is doing everything possible to “right the ship”.  All I can ask is that every supporter gets behind Kevin and his players and ensures we have the “extra man” in the stand!

C’mon The Binos!