Stirling Albion are proud to support the City of Stirling’s bid to bring the Royal National MOD singing competition back to Stirling in 2025.

Stirling last hosted the National MOD in 1987 and Stirling Albion FC are getting behind the ambitious move to bring the National MOD competition back to the city.
Stirling Albion will be adopting the Gaelic form Shruighlea Albainn to help publicise the move to win the bidding process in the Autumn of 2021 for staging the 2025 National MOD.
Due to SFA rule 6-2, it is only possible to change the name of the club for a whole season so Stirling Albion Football Club will be known as Struighlea Albainn Buidheann Ball-Coise for season 2021/2022 to show the absolute commitment of the city and its institutions to get behind the bid. The club badge has already been redesigned and is shown here.
Stirling Albion chairman Stuart Brown was his usual enthusiastic self when talking about the club’s move to support the bid. “Our fans comment about Gaelic names being used on road signs and emergency vehicles positively and we are making this bold move to support the Stirling/Struighlea bid by giving it national exposure in the weeks leading up the decision on the award of the 2025 National MOD competition later this year.”
Stuart continued, “ I am so supportive of the bid that I have decided that I am going to change my name by deed poll to Stiùbhart Donn if the bid is successful. I will be encouraging other members of the team here at Shruighlea Albainn to also change their names to the Gaelic form to support the bid.”
Manager Kevin Rutkiewicz was unavailable for comment.
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