To All Stirling Albion Supporters:

First up, we offer our unreserved apologies for the lack of formal communication from the Club regarding the issues addressed in this statement. Please be assured that our silence was based solely on our legally binding fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of Stirling Albion Football & Athletic Club Ltd. Put simply, given we do not have the facility to communicate privately with our support, not making the Club’s business known to everyone via the official Club Website and social media channels.

Unfortunately, the actions taken by the Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust Board dictate that this silence is no longer sustainable.

However, we remain firmly of the opinion that it is not in the best interest of the Club to “bare all” and with that in mind, within this statement, we intend only to communicate the minimum of detail to allow a high-level understanding of the challenges facing your Club.

If any supporter, whether or not a member of the Supporters’ Trust, wishes to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the Club by email in the first instance ( and one of the Club Board will be in touch at the earliest opportunity.

Before presenting a high-level summary, the Club Board would wish to make it abundantly clear that we have no intention or desire to personalise the situation by apportioning blame.

We simply seek, as we have always done, to act in a manner that best serves the interests of Stirling Albion Football Club.

Whilst we have the legal responsibility of running the business affairs of the Club, we are also fans.


The Supporters’ Trust Board, without consultation with the Trust Membership they represent, have issued notice to the Club Board, requiring us to call a General Meeting of the Company.

The business of the Meeting is to remove the three Directors registered at Companies House, with effect from the date of the meeting. A date for the meeting has still to be finalised but, at the latest, it will be early August.

As stated, this notice has been issued without consultation with the Trust Membership and consequently, well in excess of the requisite number of members (a minimum of 10% of the total membership) have submitted a requisition to require the Trust Board to call a Special General Meeting of the Trust, to ensure that all Members have the opportunity to have their views listened to and acted upon.

The Club Board, as members of the Trust, are fully supportive of this requisition, given an immediate removal of the Club Board would have a significant short to medium term impact on the day to day running of the Club.

It should be noted that on the 7 th of June, the Club Board presented the Trust Board with a legally documented “Without Prejudice” letter, offering a fully transitioned handover to a newly formed Board of Directors, subject to securing a mandate from their membership that this was their democratic wish. This letter was summarily dismissed by the Trust Board.

The Trust Board is not the majority shareholder, it represents the majority shareholder and democracy dictates that their members’ opinion should be sought and acted on.

Stirling Albion Club Board
July 2022