In advance of issuing a Club Statement tomorrow, I felt it would be helpful to take this opportunity to “set the scene” with the intention of ensuring the statement can concentrate on specific issues.

Friday the 13th of March 2020 – the day it was announced that all football activity must cease. As the days and weeks have passed, the horrific Coronavirus-related events that have unfolded across the globe have ensured an ever-deepening awareness and understanding that, in relative terms and in the grand scheme of things, football is of little or no importance.

On behalf of myself and fellow Board members, Alan, Colin, Graham and Grant, I extend our thoughts and sympathies to everyone whose lives have changed for ever as a consequence of losing a loved one.

Against the backcloth of a world that has undoubtedly changed in so many ways, the Board is working tirelessly but differently – Zoom video conferences are the way forward, anyone want to buy a second-hand Boardroom table?! – to ensure Stirling Albion is in “as good a place as possible” when football returns to our lives.

Undoubtedly, the GoFundMe campaign will be the biggest single contributory factor in assisting us in that task. The total of over £28k has not only astounded and delighted both the Club and Trust Boards but everyone who cares about Stirling Albion. Yet again, on behalf of every Bino… Thank You!

I’ve personally received some criticism for my televised comment that it was a “no brainer” that Stirling Albion voted to end season 19/20. I take that criticism on the chin but, in my defence, I would point out that those opening words were taken out of context. I went on to explain that the over-riding reason for our vote was not based on a lack of footballing ambition but on the harsh reality that “fitting in” the completion of the current season and the commencement of season 20/21 was impossible. Indeed, as things stand, we have no firm information as to when pre-season training can commence, let alone kicking a ball in earnest. It was essential, to allow the Board to plan for next season, that we had confirmation of closure for this season and despite (or perhaps because of?) the shenanigans of the last week, we now have that outcome.

Following closure, Scottish Football has already moved on to tackle the Reconstruction debate! The Club Board met to discuss this highly-contentious issue but, whilst we do have an initial opinion on the preferred outcome for Stirling Albion, it is only that and we remain open-minded to the outcome of the Working Group’s deliberations that will culminate in a recommendation for all 42 SPFL Clubs to vote on.

Scene set, please look out for the Club Statement tomorrow that will cover a number of headline topics including Season Tickets, plans for next season’s home shirt and, yes, some actual football news!

Stay home, stay safe!

Chairman SAFC