The Club Board is delighted to announce contract extensions for Kevin Rutkiewicz and his entire backroom team of James Creaney, Kevin Budinauckas, Kenny Crichton and Bill Orr for Season 21/22.

The on-field results are clear for all to see but what very few witness is the hard work and endless hours they put in behind the scenes to achieve those outcomes.

Kevin’s work ethic is infectious, and his backroom team have followed suit, spending endless hours scouting, recruiting, analysing our performances and those of our upcoming opposition. To call any of them part-time would be doing their commitment a disservice.

James Creaney’s appointment as Assistant Manager at the beginning of this season was a masterstroke, acting as the perfect link between the players and the Manager.

Kevin Budinauckas, Goalkeeping Coach, is everything they say about goalkeepers – as mad as a brush with a mischievous sense of humour – but don’t let that take away from his expertise as a coach as Cammy (Binnie), Blair (Currie) and Callum (Law) will readily testify.

Kenny Crichton, Physio, is the longest-serving member of the management team and his contribution is as vital, and at times more so, as any of the other component parts. His dedication to his role is beyond question, exampled by his willingness to treat injured players anytime, anywhere, any place!

I’m sure Kevin and the rest of the team won’t mind me saying that our latest recruit, Bill Orr, Head of Performance Analysis, has provided the “missing piece of the jigsaw” in terms of on-field performances. What he doesn’t know about analysis, ain’t worth knowing!

On behalf of the Board, and I’m confident our supporters, I wish them all continuing success for the remainder of this season and even more success for season 21/22!

Stuart Brown