Bill Gillespie, Founder of the Gambinos Football Club in Africa, has come to us to ask for our help for our Gambian brothers and sisters. Our Chairman has decided to make this a priority and so we are going to climb Dumyat on the 26th Sept 2021 and ask as many people who feel that they can to climb with us and/or sponsor one of the climbers. Anyone is welcome.

Binos may see a few staff and first team members there too!!

The Situation In Gambia

Since March 2020 the Gambian economy has been affected and has stagnated due to trade disruption. There has been a fall in tourism which caused a decline in incomes for most families and rising food prices have taken a heavy toll on most households.

Mandinari, home to the Gambinos, has been badly affected. Around 70% of the working adults work in the tourism industry at the Airport, Hotels, shops and restaurants. All have been closed due to travel restrictions. The situation has become quite desperate for our Academy families and many are struggling to put food on the table.

The Gambinos Academy was put on hold when the pandemic struck 18 months ago, if we can raise enough money to get the Academy back training and playing football, plus give every player a hot meal every day, this will take the pressure  off the families a bit until things start to open up and people get back to work. A 25 KILO bag of rice costs £12 this will feed all of our players for a week.

What should I do?

You can join the Climb – in which case be at Pendreich Forest Car Park, Stirling, at 9:00am on Sunday 26th September. We will be taking the Sheriffmuir Route up Dumyat. Bring anyone you wish, including children, dogs etc. Please just ensure that dogs are on a lead and children have a responsible adult with them.

You can get sponsored – Sponsorship forms can be downloaded here

please collect any and all cash and then deposit into our Gambinos Fundly at

If you need an alternative way to deposit the money, please catch up with our programme seller and Gambinos founder Bill Gillespie on a home match day or contact

You can simply donate – Simply put whatever money you feel comfortable with into the Gambinos Fundly Every single penny will end up helping families in Gambia.

In anticipation of your kindness, thank you Binos Family.