There are a limited number of Match Tickets available for our home encounter with
Kelty Hearts on Saturday. The match has a 13:00 Kick Off.

Stirling fans, who are not Season Ticket holders, will need a Match Ticket for entry to
the match.

Tickets can be purchased – for cash only and on a First Come, First Served basis –
from the concourse at the monument end of the West Stand from 11:30 until 12:30
on Saturday 08 January. When they’ve gone – they’ve gone!

Adult – £14
Senior – £10
Student & U17 – £5

To stream or not to stream, that is the question…

Inevitably, the spectre of Live Streaming has returned as we operate under
restrictions limiting fan numbers.

Given the technical challenges we must overcome, regretfully, this match against
Kelty Hearts will not be live streamed.

As an apology to those who will undoubtedly be frustrated to miss the match
through no fault of their own, we propose to post the entire 90 minutes on our SATV
YouTube channel as soon as it is legally possible to do so after the match and
certainly before 13:00 on Sunday.

The lack of notice received in respect of the introduction of the 500 fans limit, meant
that the team we had assembled for Stirling Albion TV were not available to us –
many of our students are back at their respective homes for the holidays. The
technology previously rented by us from StreamScene is fully booked and unavailable
for us at present.

*As an aside, if you want a good idea of what went on behind the scenes during regular live
streaming, please check out Ben McAdam’s excellent short film on our YouTube channel.
He’s created this documentary as part of his portfolio for his ongoing studies at Stirling