At a Club Board meeting last night, it was decided not to issue priority vouchers at tomorrow’s match at home to Kelty Hearts for the purchasing of Rangers cup tie tickets. It was felt that the decision to limit the crowd to 500 and our need to sell Match tickets beforehand may have impacted on the ability of some of our fans to get to the match and some people have expressed the opinion that this may have introduced an element of unfairness.

We will revert to a priority of 2 vouchers and one voucher when, or indeed if, we sell the cup tie tickets.

There remains a huge uncertainty whether fans will be allowed to attend without a COVID numerical restriction. Although we hope to get an earlier indication, we may not know the outcome of this until January 17.

That gives us problems on how we sell/distribute tickets with such a short window before 21st January’s scheduled match.

To this end, and hoping to steal a march on the planning, Season Ticket holders will be asked by email this weekend to indicate whether or not they intend to take up their priority purchase of a cup tie ticket. A speedy response will be required.

We’ve been asked about coach travel to the match. Given the uncertainty and the short timescales involved, coupled with potential social distancing requirements, the Club will not be organising coaches.

Information on purchasing cup tie tickets will be communicated once we know what’s happening.