Dylan asked me if it was ok for him to post a message to everyone associated with Stirling Albion to thank them for everything they have done for him during his time in Scotland.  I might have said no, if I knew it was going to bring a tear or several to my eye!

Thank you Dylan and best wishes for the future from the entire Stirling Albion family. The City of Stirling will welcome you back, any time!

Au revoir,


“Dear Fans,

How are you?  

For my part, I am sad today. As some of you may have seen and read, I made the decision and asked the club to terminate my contract to return to France near my family. After two and a half years since returning to Scotland at Stirling, it was starting to be hard for me to be here on my own, without my family and my fiancée. The situation with the pandemic makes it even more difficult to see them and to me. So it’s better for me to go back to France with them and enjoy them by playing football there. I hope you will understand my decision and not take this as “giving up the club”.. Stirling Albion agreed to release me and I appreciate it a lot from them.

It’s been a real pleasure to play and represent this INCREDIBLE club and city. I really feel like part of you. I will represent Stirling Albion everywhere I will go now.

I really want to thank Club Chairman Stuart Brown who helped me to come back to Scotland at the club, the Commercial Director Colin Rowley who has done a lot for me on and off football, all the club board and sponsors for the support, Coaches Kevin Rutkiewicz and Darren Young, all the technical and medical staff, and all my teammates I played with the confidence they gave me. Special big thanks to physio Kenny Crichton who has also helped me since my first came to Scotland on and off the pitch. The one that got me back on my feet after my knee surgery last year for been back play football. Unbelievable human being. 

And without forget you, fans, supporters of the club. What can I say other than a huge big thanks and thank you again for all your support for me since my first home game here at Forthbank. You are for me the best supporters of the league but also of the country of Scotland. In the ups and downs you never stop supporting us, the 12th man on the team like I say always. Keep support the team like that please. I will never forget all these happy times with you at Forthbank or during away games. You and the club will stay in my heart forever.

I’m not saying goodbye to you, just “Au revoir” because I’ll be back to see you. I wish the team, best of luck for the promotion to the league and good luck in the Scottish Cup.  To you others, I wish you all the happiness and safety and thank you again to all.

I love you all.