We must start by offering an apology from the Club.

The delivery containing the 75th anniversary books and the Cowdenbeath programmes was promised to us by the morning of Thursday 10th December – it did not arrive. It was then promised by today and, at the time of writing, has not arrived.

Our publisher has done his part and sent the books and programmes on time, but we have all been badly let down by the courier service.

Anyone who had a planned pick-up time for the book at Dron & Dickson on Saturday, we will regretfully have to reschedule.

For those of you with a Sunday pick-up slot, we are simply at the mercy of the couriers and don’t yet know if we can make that time or not.

Regarding the programmes, we will get them out to all of you as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed via email as necessary and please be aware that the second we get these books in hand, be it weekend or weekday, we’ll get them posted out.

Again, we can only apologise.