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Stirling MONOPOLY!

Stirling MONOPOLY!

Stirling Albion will be making it to Hampden Park this season and every single season until the end of time – on the brand new Stirling MONOPOLY game, it has emerged today!

The Stirling Monopoly people have been told that the 72-year-old club has never made it to a cup final at Scotland’s footballing showpiece stadium. Until now! Ironically, the club holds a Scottish football scoring cup record – a 20-0 win over Selkirk.

Now they are set to appear on either a unique Chance or Community Chest card when the new game is out – which is absolutely sure to put a smile on the face of every Binos fan.

It has certainly put one on the Chairman of the Club, Stuart Brown, who said: “Stirling being awarded its very own MONOPOLY game has brought a real buzz around the city and I am absolutely delighted that Stirling Albion is to be associated with undoubtedly the most popular board game of all time.

“Being selected to have our very own Chance or Community Chest card is a real coup! In truth, we can but dream of playing in a Cup Final at Hampden every year, indeed right now, in real life, I’d settle for two trips a season to Hampden, to play Queen’s Park in the league!”

The club is poised to be immortalised in the official game where 30 famous Stirling landmarks will swap places with the London MONOPOLY spaces like Mayfair and Park Lane.

As well as Stirling landmarks replacing the famous MONOPOLY from the London classic MONOPOLY original, the Chance and Community Chest cards are being Stirling themed too.

Since last week’s announcement that Stirling is getting its own game the public has been sending in suggestions. One which caught the attention of MONOPOLY judges after someone said – perhaps ironically – that the football club should go directly to Hampden Park.

It is now being “inked in” by games bosses at WINNING MOVES UK, makers of the new game under license from Hasbro. The game has not just caught the public’s imagination with an enormous amount of suggestions being cast so far – retailers are queueing up to put in advance orders to stock the unique edition too.

Many Stirling stores – including Waterstones – have confirmed they will be stocking the board when it hits shop shelves in October and the game will also be very widely available online, including at Amazon.

Stirling saw off NINE other leading Scottish cities and towns to land its very own official MONOPOLY game, it was announced last week.

Emma Lodwick, CUSTOM GAMES EXECUTIVE from WINNING MOVES UK, who was in Stirling to make the announcement, said today: “Thank you to everyone who has sent in suggestions. We have had some fantastic ones.

“The one about Stirling Albion being immortalised forever going to Hampden Park for a Cup Final has certainly captured our attention. Our ears pricked up when we heard that and searched through the records to see if the club has been to Hampden before. That’s being very much inked in.”