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From the Chairman

From the Chairman

From the February edition of The Albion magazine, which goes on sale at Saturday’s Ladbrokes League 2 game with Montrose.

7:00am Wednesday 1 February

I deliberately delayed the penning of this month’s article past the prescribed copy deadline to ensure it reflected the outcome of our Scottish Cup replay against Clyde. Unfortunately, given my mood last night, that has required an early start this morning!

It is of little consolation that, overnight, said mood has merely subsided from anger to disappointment… we simply didn’t turn up last night and, truth be said, the final score was hugely flattering. We had a fantastic turnout from our supporters who were in good spirits on arrival at Broadwood but at half-time were fully justified in voicing their dissatisfaction as the players left the field.

Things got (a bit) better in the second half but in truth, up until the second penalty, Clyde didn’t need to come out of second gear and the final frenetic 10 minutes only served to mask an overall performance that was simply not good enough.

It serves no purpose – and isn’t my style or role – to single players out for criticism but I would want to make mention of one player who’s energy and desire shone through from the moment he entered the fray at the start of the second half. Sean (Dickson) gave everything to try and turn things around and I believe he will be hugely important as we face the challenges that lie ahead between now and the end of the season.

February may be the shortest month but it is huge in respect of building on our precarious league position. We face three home games – Montrose, Berwick Rangers and Edinburgh City – the outcome of which may not be season determining but will most certainly go a long way to either easing or worsening our situation.

The Executive Board will, of course, give Dave Mackay every support that we can. I know that our faithful supporters will do likewise. I’m sure we all pray that March’s article reflects a more positive angle.

Stuart Brown
SAFC Chairman