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SFL Special General Meeting

SFL Special General Meeting

The Meeting that will determine the future of Scottish Football is being held at Hampden this Wednesday (12 June).

In headline terms, the 29 member clubs (currently Rangers only hold Associate Membership) are being asked to vote on the resolution to reconstruct and amalgamate the Scottish Football League (SFL) and the Scottish Premier League (SPL) into the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

The Club Executive, having debated the proposals at great length over the past weeks, have unanimously concluded, taking everything into account, that the only possible course of action for Stirling Albion FC is to support the resolution.

Stuart Brown, Operations Director, said: “While harbouring a number of concerns with regarding the adoption of the resolution, particularly with regards to the governance proposals, we have concluded that the Club has no option but to vote in favour of a 42-Club outcome.

“The SPL have made it clear that there is no room for manoeuvre on the resolution as unanimously signed off by their member clubs. The further threat, indeed certainty, that the 10 SFL 1 clubs would apply to join forces with the SPL, with immediate effect should the resolution fail, is an outcome that would leave the remaining SFL Clubs ‘out in the cold’. While this may be sustainable in the short to medium term, the longer-term financial implications are not something that we can countenance.”

He added: “We have a responsibility to the Supporters Trust and the fans in general, to ensure our business model is robust and sustainable. I am convinced that a “Yes” vote best supports this responsibility.”