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Your Game – Your Club – Your Future

Your Game – Your Club – Your Future

The outcome of the Supporters’ Trust Poll with regards to the options the Club have been asked to consider in advance of tomorrow’s SFL Meeting at Hampden is as follows:-


Option 1 – to SFL3 – 68%

Option 2 – to SFL1 – 16%

Option 3 – to be terminated or suspended – 16%

The Club Executive accepts this as a clear steer from the membership for Option 1 and that is the stance that I will take forward into the SFL meeting. The stance will include the proviso that, in accordance with SFL rules, the Rangers/Newco will have to apply for election rather than be accorded automatic admission as the option, as currently worded, would imply.

It should be remembered that there will be no formal vote and I would hope that the meeting will be as much about providing substantially more detail to the headline document currently available and answering questions from the floor, as it is about member Clubs expressing opinion.

A joint Club / Trust Executive Board Meeting will take place on Wednesday evening when I will fully update those in attendance with the information emanating from the SFL meeting to allow for further meaningful discussion to take place.

Whilst I acknowledge that these are extremely difficult times for Scottish Football as a whole, the Club Executive will remain focussed solely on continuing to act in the best interests of SAFC and will not be drawn into debate or comment on matters that are not our direct responsibility.

Further updates will be posted as soon as appropriate.

J Stuart Brown

Operations Director

Edit: For the avoidance of doubt, please note that the wording of the three options is not that of SAFC but is word for word that used by the SFL in their documentation to member Clubs. There are five options in total but two of them are not relevant to SFL Clubs but lie within the scope of the SPL.