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Your Game – Your Club – Your Future

Your Game – Your Club – Your Future

The Trust has posted the following article on their Website. I would urge all Trust members to take the opportunity to air their views. I repeat the Trust’s apology for the timescale but the SFL Meeting is on Tuesday morning.

No formal vote is being taken at the meeting but the SFL is seeking a steer as to the stance of member clubs.

I am aware that many Clubs, both in the SPL and SFL have already made public statements as to their stance on this matter but, as highlighted in my previous statement, given that the Club’s majority shareholder is our Supporters’ Trust, we will continue to maintain a dignified silence until such time as we are in possession of and have had the time to debate members’ opinion.

I have arranged a joint Club / Trust Executive Board Meeting for Wednesday evening and a further announcement will be made as soon as is practical following that.

The Supporters’ Trust Website can be accessed by using the link on the menu.

J Stuart Brown

Operations Director 

Call for Member Views

Stirling Albion FC and the Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust are keen to seek the views of all its members on the way forward regards the SFL position as stated in their recent announcement. The Club would like to engage in a consultation with its fans regarding their views on how the situation should be taken forward and what our official response should be.

The Club/Trust  has not reached any decision on this matter but has been asked to attend a meeting of all SFL clubs early next week to progress matters. The Club regrets the short notice for consultation but is sure that all fans will appreciate that this is a result of a fast moving and dynamic situation which is now under pressure of time.

All views and responses should be sent via the form below or handed in to the Club as a hard copy letter.

At this stage given the information provided we are not looking to make any decisions but would welcome the opportunity for members to provide their views to us by email via the form below. Our decision has to be in the best interest of Stirling Albion and Scottish Football as a whole.

Further details are available in the SFL document which is attached (Your Game-Your Club-Your Future), we would ask each member to state their preferred option.

The options are;

  • Rangers/NewCo start again in the Third Division
  • Rangers/NewCo go into First Division
  • Rangers/NewCo are terminated or suspended.

We require all replies to be in by no later than midday on Monday 2 July 2012.