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The Rangers Situation

The Rangers Situation

At the outset of the ongoing situation with Rangers / The Rangers Football Club, the Club Executive took the decision that it would be inappropriate to form an opinion or make any public statement whilst we were faced with purely hypothetical scenarios.  We appreciate that this has not been the case with most SPL and a number of fellow SFL member clubs but we will continue to stand by our decision until such time as we have something tangible to work on.

The Club Executive is also very conscious that, with the Supporters’ Trust being the majority shareholder, it is right and proper that Trust Members have the opportunity to express their opinion, to best inform the Club’s decision-making, if and when, we are asked to vote on any formally tabled outcome(s).

By way of update, the very latest development is that the SFL have invited all member clubs to attend a meeting next Tuesday (3 July) at Hampden when they will be updated on the very latest discussions being held between the SFA/SPL/SFL.  The Club Executive has been given to understand that this will be an information giving / gathering meeting and any views that member clubs chose to proffer will have no formal standing with regards to eventual outcomes and no vote on any matter will be sought.

The Club Executive will hold a joint meeting with the Trust Board as soon as practically possible following Tuesday’s meeting, to ensure all parties have the very latest information and when the time is right, it will be the Trust Board’s responsibility to determine when and how to seek the views of their members. As stated above, the Trust Board is in agreement that the timing of this should not be before there is something tangible to seek opinion on.

We will continue to update the website as and when new information comes to hand.

J Stuart Brown

Operations Director